September 16, 2014

Project: Archer Lady Sibill

another WIP of Archer Lady Sibill based on Paul Kwon's concept :)

switched to Archer for a bit, doing her textures, her low poly is around 6.76k, she's going to be diffuse ONLY, 2048 x 2048 (painting at 2048, no sizing down) :)
current shot is from Marmoset 1 with the Flat Environment shader.

this is a *ROUGH* bake from my sculpt, so it isn't pretty yet XD
bake is from topogun, i baked out a color map (because i polypainted the skin and eyes in zbrush), AO map, and a Skylight map. I baked each version with 0 cage and with 10 cage, some areas still popped out so i did a 20 cage for the AO and Skylight.

my maps in photoshop are currently set up:
Skylight Folder (top) is set to Soft Light, with 50% Opacity.
AO Folder (second) is set to Multiply, with 50% Opacity. BOTH have a Hue/Saturation Adjustment to inject an Tannish/Orange into the maps.
Color folder (bottom) with normal 100% settings, underneath that is just a 50% grey :)

September 7, 2014

September 3, 2014

Project: Jenesis

back to my elemental project, scrapping the armour version of jenesis and going with her base design first. i get asked about the hair a lot, there are actually 2 big dynameshed pieces for the front and back and then i created individual strands with the curve strap snap brush which i haven't sculpted yet, so they're just subdivided once right now

inspirations for some of her facial features, mainly looked at eastern europeans (sasha and tatiana *hearts*) :

more stuff on my Pinterest boards
Anatomy Refs
also here is the video i refer to when i am working with the curve strap snap brush for the hair:

July 21, 2014

Project: Nightingale

WIP of Nightingale bust

May 12, 2014

Project: Archer Lady Sibill

another WIP of Archer Lady Sibill based on Paul Kwon's concept :)

May 3, 2014

Project: Archer Lady Sibill

WIP of Archer Lady Sibill based on Paul Kwon's concept :)

June 11, 2013

Project: Murkah

Draenei Hunter fanart, her name is Murkah because she reminds me of my great aunts russian blue mix xD
she's 4,661 tris and 1024 X 1024
diffuse only, marmoset shots :)
3ds Max 2011, Zbrush 4R5, Headus UVLayout, TopoGun, 3dCoat, Photoshop, Marmoset



May 28, 2013

Project: Alyonushka

this is Alyonushka, tried my hand at some WoW Paladin fanart XD
diffuse only :D
shots from Marmoset she's 3,368 tris, the hammer is 594 tris, and the shield is 528 tris.
the body and stuff in on a 512x512 texture, while the shoulder armour, helm, hammer, and shield are all on a 256x256 each :)
had a lot of fun texturing her :)



hammer and shield:

April 15, 2013

Project: Castanic Bust

fan art of the castanic race from tera online, costume redesigned from one of the originals :)
another texturing exercise.
diffuse/alpha, spec/gloss, and i have a super rough normal map on there to keep the spec from acting up
1024x1024 and 3,509 tris
shots from marmoset :)


diffuse only and wires:

March 25, 2013

Project: Lumbering Oaf

been working on my texturing lately :D
fan art of Lumbering Oaf based on Tully's super awesome card WoW TCG
1024x1024 and 3,134 tris
shots from marmoset :)


diffuse only and wires:

January 30, 2013

Project: Armoured Jenesis

small update, finished the base mesh, so now ready for zbrushing
unicorn armour will be reworked, and i'll probably reshape her face again too XD
need to stop designing characters with so many laces >_O

January 21, 2013

Project: Armoured Jenesis

firstly i'd like to say that friday was my last day at picture plane, i decided to brave the world for a few months working on some personal art that made me want to be a part of this incredible industry. i truly love the people i had a chance to work with and the multitude of projects and styles i've had a chance to work on, thank you to my amazing and supportive friends and family who have helped me become the person and artist i am today, all of you guys are awesome and i am lucky to have you in my life :)

secondly, my first project that i have held dear to my heart for over a decade is nicknamed Elementals and the first character i will be bringing to life is an Armoured form of Jenesis :)

thirdly! i'd like to say thank you to all the people who have inspired me, you guys are everything i want to be and more, i wish you the best of luck in your projects and i will always be rooting ^__^


model sheet:

current features, i haven't gotten her eyes or markings in yet:

next is to build out all the base pieces for the armour and get to zbrushing!

January 20, 2013

Project: Darksiders II Death

this is a few months late, but i thought i'd go ahead and update my blog XD i made a fanart of Death from Darksiders 2 based on James Brian Jones’ (BoBo) sculpt and Joe Mad’s original design. very much so enjoyed working on this and learned a lot, there are a few things i would like to rework now, but alas, i'm going to keep them in mind for future projects. definitely loved hand painting the textures and trying to catch the essence of Death :) massive props to the guys at Vigil who worked on the game, super gorgeous work! all low poly shots were taken from marmoset :)

turn around:



high poly 2, learning how to render with bpr filters:

high poly:

base mesh:

weapon final:

wire and ao:

flat wires:

high poly:

Project: Gen Femme

made this so i had a female base i could start out with for my personal projects, rendered in zbrush and trying out the bpr filters.
gave her a bit of organic growth so to add a bit extra, inspired by the Castanic race in Tera Online :)

BPR Filter tutorial

i did my eyelashes following Hazardous/Jon-Troy Nickel's video on his Pepper Tribute

close up of the detail of the crown and face:

turn around:

Project: Amelia Earhart

this is a redesign of Amelia for Papercut's first contest when they released Ryan Hawkins' Vertex which is 300 pages of free tutorials from some of the best industry artists in the world. i sadly got busy with other things so i had to put her aside, but i would definitely like to finish her up later :)
i chose the good side, and tried mixing Amelia's fashion sense with a bit of steampunk :)


inspirational shots and references:

final model sheet:

wip of the model:

September 26, 2012

Project: Azra

so this is my Azra, my first attempt at a cinematic model, my art director let me work on her in between projects and whenever else i could squeeze her in. she was meant to be a learning process and a possible portfolio piece for us and me :)
she ended up being a huge learning experience, she's the one that really made me fall in love with armour, metals, and leather. after finishing her earlier this year, i've been sitting on her for months because there were a few things that bugged me so i decided to wait and rework the areas later.
i took careful note of stuff that bothered me when working on my last model, so some of the issues i had with Azra i skipped out on XD
now that i came back to her, i reworked her plum (helmet hair) for maybe the 3rd or 4th time now? as well as the eyes and skin texture. would have redone the head but talked myself out of it, since i redid her head half a dozen times already :)
i'm still extremely happy with how she turned out, great learning experience and the first time i set up a vrayfastsss2 shader from the scratch :P
modeled in max and zbrush, unwrapped in headus uv layout, textured through zbrush and photoshop, casted in xnormal, and rendered in vray with a vray camera and vray lights :)

final pose: full size

head shot:
turnarounds: full size

high poly: full size


the head i ended up going with, did an angle shot to make sure it was working out:

my final render setup. i actually kept most of her armour and all of the chainmail in box mode to keep my computer from crying. also there are 2 vray lights, one excludes the skin but adds just a bit more to the rest of the scene :) the head i ended up going with, did an angle shot to make sure it was working out:

also check out our work portfolio if you get a chance, there is a really neat Boba Fett up there that my coworkers made :D

August 1, 2012

Project: Lady Mechanika

Workshop Guys

~Final Post!~

~Low Poly~
okay so it's been a while since i've made a proper low poly (i usually work with controlled high polies, and decimated zbrush models unless the client provides a low, but then we have to rez it up for print purposes) and i spent a lot of time trying to figure out what i wanted built in and what i wanted floating, as well as where the loops were going to go for best animation. Haz helped me understand to simplify my shapes down, like the belt, it's all super layered in the high poly so i didn't know how i wanted to tackle that, but he did a nice paint over and now it's part of the pants with some extra floating pieces in the center :)
definitely enjoyed the process, learned a ton about good poly distribution so you don't get ugly shadow marks where there isn't enough polies to hold up the shape.

final low poly turnarounds

wire shot with ao and normals

i love unwrapping, i bring my stuff into Headus UVLayout, cut everything apart and "smart" relax all the pieces, then bring it back into max and play tetris :)
on to casting! which is always a bit repetitive and a time consuming process, but is super crucial ^_^ i was trying out a few things here, figuring out what i can do so i have cleaner normals, i still ripped my high and low to shreds for good casts, but there wasn't very much fixing afterwards. for a few of the pieces i actually brought back into Zbrush and "projected all" so my low had become my high too (i tried to keep everything in quads as much as i could). this was mainly done for the face (and a few other pieces that made them cast a bit cleaner in xnormal), because i wasn't 100% happy with it and i wanted to re-sculpt it a bit (a lot), so i did in zbrush and then easily exported my high and low from the same mesh (that way i didn't have to retopo/adjust the head lots) and threw it into xNormal which was my casting tool of choice. i ripped my normals, ao, and my vertex colors (polypaint) and compiled everything in photoshop.
in max, i usually save out a wire shot (keep on screen mode) from the unwrap uvw and a black and white version (keep on multiply mode) as a better guide/map to my wires while i'm working. my polypaint helped a tonnnnnnn, then i just went in and painted more, kind of like i would for a 2d illustration. i had Haz take a look at my maps after i thought i was good with them, but i wasn't :P so i spent more hours leveling up some pieces to match the rest, harmonizing the values and trying to make sure stuff had things like material noise, scuff marks, wrinkles, highlights, good shadows and stuff like that :) everything is hand painted except the ponytail which i used some pieces from hair that i painted over. love texturing :)



~Rigging/Skinning/Posing/Tweaking/Screen Grabbing~
so i'm not the best at skinning and rigging, but i can do it well enough for what i need and then tweak my skins and individual verts later. whichiswhatidid. i just used a basic biped, and then you know... skinned one side and copy pasted it to the other. i paid extra close attention to my finger joints, i've worked with posing a lot of models with different rigs and hands are always an issue, so i wanted to make sure it wasn't a big one on mine...still came out so so @_@
i think i did like...6 poses for her, i wanted something basic for the turnaround, nice and simple with a decent silhouette, and i wanted something a bit more "her" in the final, most of the other poses were just a stance and a gun, and then the other night i decided i wanted to try something different and threw her to the ground, she's a pretty neat character, lots of shooting and lots of torn clothes. she's pretty actiony so standing wasn't cutting it, so i blasted some epic music and ended up with that, had Jesse (skankerzero) help me push her expression some more, which i did in zbrush after everything else was set ^_^
i'm a vray person, and i've used marmoset and udk and stuff before back when i was still at school and occasionally on my own, but it's been a while, for this i decided to get my hands dirty with xoliul 2.0. (thank you Xoliul!) i've "messed" with it before, but that was nothing, so i spent about week of nights trying to figure out what i wanted after my maps were there, and then i tweaked my spec and reflection ever so lightly when needed. super neat shader, definitely amazing. i did come to the issue with the sorted alphas that you have to re-sort for proper displaying and had some weird shadow issues, but nothing that couldn't be fixed (xoliul has a section about how to get around alpha sorting stuff and other things). totally worth it. i used two omni lights, white one as my main source and a blueish one as a nice edge light and then set my shader up as in the picture. i also made one for my AO/Normals shot, which actually had a desaturated version of my spec map.
i screen grabbed at 3000 pixels with ViewportGrabber script (thanks Ravenslayer!) getting my alphas and wires and then shrank my final shots down in photoshop after i complied everything together :)

final pose

~Final Thoughts~
sad it's over, but glad i got a new fully finished piece for my portfolio :) great experience, Haz is a wonderful teacher and really worked with us, seeing him do paint and sculpt overs on my work really helped me understand where to go with her and why i should, a lot of the time i hear more of "don't do this or that because," people generally want to help you fix something that is wrong so you don't always get to hear a lot of "yeah, that's working, now keep doing that because", if we know what's good about a piece and why it's working, we can push the rest to the same level and that really clicks with me :D so i learned lots, tried out new thing, and it was nice to go through a full high to low poly pipeline again, going to be doing that a lot more now. also made some new awesome friends, made some new awesome goals, and you know, made a new awesome character ^_^

so a big thanks to Hazardous, Mrskullface, Funky Bunnies, almighty_gir, Joe Benitez for creating Lady Mechanika, skankerzero, and everyone who took the time to follow this, thank you guys so much :)

on to the next project! XD