August 15, 2010

Interview CGTop: Vadim Bakhlychev

So I found Vadim’s (DWIV Winner) Interview on CGTop and came across this quote:

“And my second biggest inspiration, I mean the force that drived me through Dominance War 4, was the spirit of rival competition. Yes, that is it, nothing inspires me more than seeing someone doing awesome work, and wish to do better than him.”

I really liked it because it describes me to a “T” and probably a bunch of other artists, I get a lot more inspired when I’m participating in a healthy competition with other artists who are way amazing and make me nervous. The game is on!
There needs to be another DW so I can get overly driven and rediscover sleep deprivation from finals week, probably a little morbid, but I enjoy working my ass off to the point where sleep just isn’t an option if I want an amazing outcome :D
Either way, yay for competitions and growing as an artist!

Will post more work, I swear : )

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