August 10, 2010

Project: Self Game Character WIP 2

So I started working on this the other week but I haven't had too much time with work and my immune system being a prat, and you know, sleep, pfff, if only we could function at full capacity on an hour of sleep I'd be ungodly grateful.
Anyways, I'm going to start posting more, this is my workflow for the most part, I tried to explain the basics of it in the image below, and I'll hopefully be posting progress shots every week or few days and maybe some semi tutorials :D

Self Character Project WIP_01 Progress Sheet

A turnaround of everything when imported back into Zbrush, the base is seeping through some of the clothes but that's fine since they'll be worked on later : )

Self Character Project WIP_02 Base Mesh Turnaround

Where I'm currently at as of last night, just reworked the face a bit, still not there and painted in the eyes (to match the sketch) for the fun of it, the only thing that is truly complete is the garnet pendent, everything else is in progress:

Self Character Project WIP_03 Current as of 8.9.10)
(click the image to view in multibox)

PS, yes my video game self looks like Jenesis down below : )

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