January 18, 2011

Project: Sketches

hey guys, just posting up some quick gestures (about 15 to 45 seconds a pose) i got a chance to fit in, will hopefully update 3d stuff soon :)



wow! the sky is blue. said...

these gestures look cool. very nice!!

Alacrity said...

what a lovely assortment~!

You've certainly come a long way with your art~!

I'll have to get you to work on those sketches I commished way back when ..
lol, I did state there was no deadline~!

YBourykina said...

Ravi: thanks very much! :D

Alacrity: That’s too funny, I actually dug through my old sketchbooks a few weeks ago and found some of the sketches of her in there, felt really bad because I realized I never finished the hands on any of them and didn’t scan them in :/
Can you email me by chance with some information on her or whatever you’d like for me to draw (I’m going to redraw it since I’m better now :) ), I think it was one full drawing of a character and 3 sketches of them?

(glad you found me btw, it’d would have been a nightmare figuring out old passwords for my old DA ><)