March 26, 2011

Project: Polycount's Brawl - Hilde WIP1

Entered Polycount’s BRAWL, which is where you take an existing fighting character or stage and redesign as if the game took place in medieval times, steampunk era, in a western and so one.
I picked Hilde from Soul Calibur, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take her at first but I decided on Norse/Viking :)

My WIP Thread

Original Hilde art from Soul Calibur:




These two are a mix of a few different thumbs, I don’t know how much my computer is going to love me for all that chainmail but I’ll have to make it work :P
Anyways, the first is mainly based off the 1st thumb since it got the most votes in all (asked friends outside of PC too) and the second is based off 5, because I personally love that silhouette with the big sleeves, though I might still play around a bit with the designs because I’m not 100% feeling it (especially since I just re-read all the comments and have some more ideas!).

I also really like scars, I’m not sure if I will be keeping that one across her face there (takes away from her beauty mark and her character or no? ) but I really like it :(

Also made a new base in max and got most of the anatomy in, which is what I sketched over, changed the face and arms around a bit after the sketch though :D


Trying to figure out how I want to do the hair, sculpt it or plane it, I went ahead and tried sculpting it out last night. Also trying out a new way to do the edgeloops on the face! Woo for new things!
Also got some of the base for the clothes done, but I'll post that once I'm closer to finishing them :)
here is the base after zbrushing, I'm trying to keep it in between my drawing style and realism-ish, sooooo yesh :D
The chest is a bit squished since she will be in a corset and then I'll adjust it more once I have it in Zbrush.
Hands are a fail still (I don't want to spend too much time on them right now and forget about everything else), I'll worry about them a bit later!



I *think* I finished the base and she’s ready for full zbrush treatment, I might have overlooked something, but I’ll figure that out later if I did. There will be a lot of detail added through Zbrush:
I’m going with her original spear/lance and instead of a short sword, I’m giving her an axe to give her a more viking/barbarian/norse feel, which I’ll design this weekend
Oh and I threw in planes for the fur since I'm thinking I'll be doing them the alpha-ed way, unless I should sculpt them and have them as full on geometry?


1 comment:

Alacrity said...

Amazing transformation.
Not knowing anything about the original Hilde, her concept artwork gives me the impression of a tough fighter in elaborate armour, more badass than cute.

Thumbs 1 5 & 9 seem most likely for a norse/viking theme; hope ya enjoy detailing chainmail :}

The scar is an inspired touch, especially if your final model of her comes out on the cute/pretty side.