May 11, 2011

Project: Princess Ivanivna, the Firebird, and the Grey Wolf WIP1

Entering the CGHUB & Imagine FX Bobby Chiu's Fairytales Re-Imagined 2D & 3D Art Challenge on, the 2D part anyways, don't really have time for personal 3D at the moment, and I need to work on my drawing style so yesh :D

Going to copy over what I wrote for my cghub thread for the most part :)

I’m twisting Prince Ivan, the Firebird, and the Grey Wolf into a female based hero story with two jealous older sisters and a gorgeous prince :)
I know what I want the silhouette to look like so a lot of these look the same just with a change here and there.
I want her dress to be mixed with dressiness and a bit of battlement, and since I would like to work on my illustration skills a bit more I would like to create a nice little illustration almost book covery for the end result :D

So here are the thumbs, critiques are very much welcomed, I’ll still keep playing with ideas so I don’t get cornered in with what I have so far :)

Original story:

WIP Thread on CGHub
these are tiny pencil/pen sketched on paper thumbs, making some digital cleaner ones that'll be more "fine-tuned" and experiment with other silhouettes :)


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