July 5, 2011

Project: Tileable Bricks and Here and There

made a tileable brick texture that is pretty handy :)
started off with base bricks in 3ds max and then did the rest in zbrush, after that i made a quick plane in zbrush and used the uv master for a fast unwrap and projected the bricks onto the plane and then casted the maps in there as well :)

tileable bricks

also made a tilable wall with a few different bricks and then some fun relaxing zbrushing ^________^
started with 3 bricks in max, unwrapped them with headus uvlayout and then duplicated them over and moved the coordinates around so after sculpting them in zbrush i can easily just burn the normals in :)
inspired much by Kevin Johnstone's tutorial on brick making
anddddddd Michael Vicente, gold right? :P

tile-able bricks

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