May 9, 2012

Project: Lady Mechanika

Workshop Guys

~:Week 1:~
like everyone else, i had a hard time choosing who to go with, i kept taking out and adding other concepts in, and at some point i decided i wanted to go with a Sister of Battle from the 40K universe, but since we're trying to focus on the female form and aesthetics, choosing an awesome character clad in armour (which i tend to always do) was a bit much, so i decided to set that aside for future endeavors XD
after that i started digging around again and looking at all my Kato refs i had floating about, and decided to chose Lady Mechanika from the comic book series by Joe Benitez (got permission), who was inspired by Kato's steampunk ware for Lady M's designs
i feel like Lady M's concept will be challenging enough to push me past my normal boundaries and this course will help me refine my female aesthetics and make me notice female forms that i’ve been overlooking, and therefore i’m very excited to finally start!
we're aiming to hit the modeling style and texture style 100% to the chosen concept, so my final result should be interesting since i'll be shooting for a comicbooky linework/painting texture style
this is the concept/outfit that i'm going to go with:

~Gather reference for your girl~
and this is my reference sheet, this is wayyyy smaller than the one i am using, which is like 25.8mbs, and i ended up redoing it from an older one i made last week because Haz mentioned how concepts tend to get watered down by the end after all the revisions and changes so we have to chose an amazingly brilliant concept and keep looking at the very best inspirational shots of the character to hopefully by the end, she’ll come out awesome :)

~Draw / Paint your girl~
for my front model sheet, i ripped up one of his full body shots of her to get the proportions and pathed out a few of the pieces for proper placement and then painted everything up a nice percentage and then reused my base mesh and re-sculpted some anatomy in zbrush to hit the silhouette of my front shot and then exported a psd from zbrush into photoshop and incorporated the zbrush anatomy into my model sheet, which then i finished and polished up.
i also have like every shot of her saved on my computer to refer back to for the outfit detail, though i think i worked out most of what her back looks like, i had some issues since my main shot is a cover and doesn’t match the comic book stylings of her by 100% so i had to dig around and put a few pieces together but i think i got it now :P

~:Week 2:~

~High Poly Sculpt.Blocking out.Sculpting.Polypainting & Photoshop Mockups~

for my base mesh, i’m reusing the one i made for the brawl challenge, it’s very simple, but it’s been good to me and i want to spend the extra time i have on resculpting my anatomy ^__^

it’s not 100% there yet, but i’m liking where it’s at, the feet are barbie-ish and the hands still need work, but for now it’ll do and i’ll push it the rest of the way once i get everything else in and worked on

base shots:

current wip shot:

quick turntable via zbrush (just learned how to use this) :P

also Haz sculpted over my model last week and really helped me correct my character’s stature and made me notice a lot of small things i’ve been overlooking. so the first shot is mine before his lesson, second is his version after he sculpted on it and showed me how i can make her better, and third is me going back to my original and incorporating everything i learned and pushing her more

i’m a really visual person, so i always have a ton of references up while working, i usually sculpt out the muscle bits first and then layer it with skin, but this time around i just built my muscles mostly with how they would look after everything was covered with skin and fatty tissue, and so i had a lot of these up while working:

i’m a big fan of referencing miranda kerr, love her stomach, as well as marisa miller’s, and i’m really liking how candice swanepoel looks as well. i try to mix candid and photoshoots together so i can get some nice raw shots of awesome anatomy and some nice clean and well lit photoshoot ones.

other people in here are kato, adriana lima, brooklyn decker, kate upton, abigail clancy, edita vilkeviciute, cheryl burke, and some random legs here and there.

i look at a ton more (and i STILL dig through my anatomy muscle pictures/books), but these are the ones that usually catch my eyes for random body parts. :P


Ten24 has some free female modeling refs if you follow the directions and like them on facebook
some of ryan kingslien’s anatomical shots of muscles which are a nice ref as well
some nice muscle drawings/notes by michael hampton

next: building out the bases for the clothes and gathering inspiring refs for steampunk ware. which is mostly kato >_>

Joe Benitez:
DeviantArt (updates)
Aspen Comics

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