September 26, 2012

Project: Azra

so this is my Azra, my first attempt at a cinematic model, my art director let me work on her in between projects and whenever else i could squeeze her in. she was meant to be a learning process and a possible portfolio piece for us and me :)
she ended up being a huge learning experience, she's the one that really made me fall in love with armour, metals, and leather. after finishing her earlier this year, i've been sitting on her for months because there were a few things that bugged me so i decided to wait and rework the areas later.
i took careful note of stuff that bothered me when working on my last model, so some of the issues i had with Azra i skipped out on XD
now that i came back to her, i reworked her plum (helmet hair) for maybe the 3rd or 4th time now? as well as the eyes and skin texture. would have redone the head but talked myself out of it, since i redid her head half a dozen times already :)
i'm still extremely happy with how she turned out, great learning experience and the first time i set up a vrayfastsss2 shader from the scratch :P
modeled in max and zbrush, unwrapped in headus uv layout, textured through zbrush and photoshop, casted in xnormal, and rendered in vray with a vray camera and vray lights :)

final pose: full size

head shot:
turnarounds: full size

high poly: full size


the head i ended up going with, did an angle shot to make sure it was working out:

my final render setup. i actually kept most of her armour and all of the chainmail in box mode to keep my computer from crying. also there are 2 vray lights, one excludes the skin but adds just a bit more to the rest of the scene :) the head i ended up going with, did an angle shot to make sure it was working out:

also check out our work portfolio if you get a chance, there is a really neat Boba Fett up there that my coworkers made :D


Anonymous said...

I'm having a tiny problem I can't seem to be able to subscribe your feed, I'm using google reader by the way.

Ravi Gupta said...

nice character !

Nathan said...

Must've missed this one earlier, amazing work Katia!

When can we see some more sketches? I have a new PC and it deseprately needs a new background :D