January 20, 2013

Project: Darksiders II Death

this is a few months late, but i thought i'd go ahead and update my blog XD i made a fanart of Death from Darksiders 2 based on James Brian Jones’ (BoBo) sculpt and Joe Mad’s original design. very much so enjoyed working on this and learned a lot, there are a few things i would like to rework now, but alas, i'm going to keep them in mind for future projects. definitely loved hand painting the textures and trying to catch the essence of Death :) massive props to the guys at Vigil who worked on the game, super gorgeous work! all low poly shots were taken from marmoset :)

turn around:



high poly 2, learning how to render with bpr filters:

high poly:

base mesh:

weapon final:

wire and ao:

flat wires:

high poly:

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