June 11, 2013

Project: Murkah

Draenei Hunter fanart, her name is Murkah because she reminds me of my great aunts russian blue mix xD
she's 4,661 tris and 1024 X 1024
diffuse only, marmoset shots :)
3ds Max 2011, Zbrush 4R5, Headus UVLayout, TopoGun, 3dCoat, Photoshop, Marmoset




Francis said...

Love your art. I am novice interested in Character design too but not for work just a hobby of mine. From your work I can tell that texturing is key to creating a good looking low poly character.

Can you tell us a bit more about your process of creating low poly characters? Do you start with sculpting or with a basic mesh in 3D Max first? Or do you use an existing character like the one you mentioned in your 'Project: Gen Femme' post and alter it in ZBrush?

WTV3D said...

Very nice project!