September 16, 2014

Project: Archer Lady Sibill

another WIP of Archer Lady Sibill based on Paul Kwon's concept :)

switched to Archer for a bit, doing her textures, her low poly is around 6.76k, she's going to be diffuse ONLY, 2048 x 2048 (painting at 2048, no sizing down) :)
current shot is from Marmoset 1 with the Flat Environment shader.

this is a *ROUGH* bake from my sculpt, so it isn't pretty yet XD
bake is from topogun, i baked out a color map (because i polypainted the skin and eyes in zbrush), AO map, and a Skylight map. I baked each version with 0 cage and with 10 cage, some areas still popped out so i did a 20 cage for the AO and Skylight.

my maps in photoshop are currently set up:
Skylight Folder (top) is set to Soft Light, with 50% Opacity.
AO Folder (second) is set to Multiply, with 50% Opacity. BOTH have a Hue/Saturation Adjustment to inject an Tannish/Orange into the maps.
Color folder (bottom) with normal 100% settings, underneath that is just a 50% grey :)

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StormAndy said...

Nice :) made any progress since Sept?